As more and more people use cashless forms of payment, we have decided to offer such capability in our church. Its purpose is to make more convenient making donations to our parish without searching frantically for a cash machine nearby or your pockets or wallets for spare change.

Please note that Cashless Donations can only be made BEFORE or AFTER Sunday Mass. We don’t offer it during offertory collection.

How to make donations:

  • The terminal is manned by appointed personnel (operator). Please note they are volunteers.
  • Tell the operator the amount you wish to donate to the parish.
  • The operator will set the amount and show you the screen to double-check the amount is right.
  • Having confirmed the amount, you will be asked to touch the terminal with your contactless cards or device (smartphone, smartwatch etc.) or to put your card into the terminal and type in your PIN.
  • The operator will offer you the option to receive a receipt by text (SMS) or email, or both.
  • Having made your donation, you have the option to get a special laminated card that you can put into the collection bag during the offertory. The card doesn’t contain any personal data or donated amount. Using it is optional.

Additional information

  • Cashless Payments offer the ability to make donations by cards and apps.
  • Payments are processed by SumUp. For more details about the company, data protection, security etc. visit
  • Holy Family Church, Aberdeen doesn’t store any sensitive financial or personal data.
  • We accept all major debit and credit cards (contactless and Chip&Pin) as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Minimum donation is £1 (set by the company processing payments).
  • The transaction will show on your bank statement as Holy Family RC Church or similar.