Conditions of Bookings

  • There are many people who have long waited for an opportunity to attend Mass and receive Holy Communion. Because of limited capacity, please consider booking one pew at one Mass for yourself or household per fortnight to give every fellow parishioner a chance to attend Mass. However, if there are empty slots 24 hours before Mass, you can then make a booking.
  • Masses fully booked are indicated on the list of scheduled Masses.
  • Reservations are made automatically, but the system’s moderators can cancel bookings in cases of system abuse. A note of cancellation will be sent to your email address.
  • If you cannot attend after you have reserved a slot please cancel your reservation to allow others to take that slot. A link to cancel the reservation is provided in the confirmation email.
  • You must be seated 5 minutes before Mass begins, otherwise, your booking will become void and you will not be admitted.

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