In line with the current restrictions and guidelines, I can offer hearing confessions in St Joseph’s, Woodside per individual arrangement. There are a few important caveats.

  1. A distance of 2 metres must be kept between you and the priest as well as other people (like in the car park).
  2. Please consider your need for sacramental confession. The video below can help you determine that.
  3. You must book a slot prior to your arrival in order to avoid any congestion or semblance of a gathering of people – this is not allowed by the current regulations and I am determined to stick to that. Single booking is for a single person. If you want to come as a family, you have to book a relevant number of consecutive slots. Use the form below.
  4. I strongly recommend this arrangement for adults only.
  5. At this stage it’s not possible to receive Communion after Confession – it would breach current restrictions. The time for that will come soon.