We welcome children of Primary 7 and older to begin their preparations for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

We consider the preparations as a three-pronged project: 

  • Domestic: by creating a faith-based religious atmosphere at home
  • Ecclesiastical: by attending Sunday Masses and other services
  • Catechetical: fortnightly sacramental classes run by our skilled and committed catechists

It must be said that sacramental classes are not enough to provide a full religious experience or to fully develop the faith in children; classes play a very important but only supportive role to the regular practice of faith at home and in the community of the local parish. Consequently, by signing up children for sacramental classes, their parents/guardians must take up the responsibility to attend Sunday Masses in our local parish church and make every possible effort to fulfil it.

There’s only a limited number of places available, so priority is given to the children of the parishes of St Joseph’s and Holy Family. Due to the lack of catechists at the latter, families from the Holy Family parish can sign up their children to attend classes at St Joseph’s. Children from families regularly attending Sunday Masses will be prioritised.

Registration will close by the end of September 2022 or when all places have been taken. Please note that filling in the form does not guarantee a place automatically; the final decision will be made by the Parish Priest and Catechists, based on the requirements presented above. Classes will start in the first week of November, after the October school break and will take place weekly in line with the Aberdeen City Council school holidays.