We plan to run preparation classes for the Sacrament of Confirmation during this school year. Registrations are open to children in P7 or above.

Due to our very limited human resources, we have to prioritise who we can take. The highest priority is given to the parishioners regularly attending Sunday Mass at St Joseph’s or Holy Family; then those who live with their parents/legal guardians within the parish boundaries and do not attend a Catholic school (children attending Catholic schools have sacramental preparation as part of their school’s curriculum). Children from outside the parish might be admitted only if there are any places left.

Registration is open until Friday 1st October and classes will begin after the October school break; the week commencing 25th October. Classes will be run at St Joseph’s Parish Hall, most likely once a fortnight on a weekday evening during term time – concrete details will be decided once registration closes. Regular Sunday Mass attendance plays an important role in the preparation; so commitment is expected from the children and their parents/guardians.

If you can meet these requirements, please carefully fill in the form below. Having submitted the form you will receive a copy of it by email (please check your spam folder). If you have not received the email, your form has not been properly submitted.

Please note that filling the form does not guarantee your child’s place. Each entry is checked by our catechists and a successful placement will be confirmed by a separate email.