Following the recent announcement by the First Minister (3rd August 2021) there are two main practical implications:

    1. The legal requirement for physical distancing and limits on gatherings will be removed on 9 August.
    2. Some protective measures will remain in place such as the use of face coverings indoors and the collection of contact details as part of Test and Protect.

In practical terms, we will continue to use the booking system with the sole purpose of keeping the record of attendees for 3 weeks as required by law. Those records are safely and securely kept in the parish and are not shared with anyone unless requested by Test and Protect in case of a local outbreak. Such a request has never been made since its introduction in July 2020. Keeping a 1-metre distance is advised but it’s left to individuals to follow. We strongly recommend doing so whenever possible.

To summarise, from Monday 9th August, when attending church, you must:

  1. Use face covering – unless under the age of 5 or exempt on medical grounds; for more details see
  2. Use hand sanitiser when entering the church.
  3. Provide the parish with your contact details (full name and phone number will suffice) either by booking a pew online (recommended option) or on entry. We collect the contact details of one person representing his or her household.