The current situation is badly affecting individuals, families and businesses. Many face very difficult decisions on a daily basis and now it’s exacerbated by a very uncertain future. Because our churches remain closed to fight the coronavirus threat, our usual means of upkeeping the parish (Sunday collection) isn’t possible. Some of you have asked how they could continue to support our parish financially, some of you have already made donations (for which I am very grateful). I’m writing this extremely reluctantly because I understand that many of you struggle to keep yourselves above the water.

There’s one, but absolutely crucial point I want to make: I DO NOT want you to think about supporting our parish financially at this time UNLESS you feel you CAN afford it without putting yourself or your family into trouble. YOUR and YOUR FAMILY’s well-being and financial stability is the most and foremost need you have to take care of. I’d like to make it clear that his appeal is not about priests; we’re coping relatively well with the situation. But as a parish, we still have to pay insurance, bills, etc.

In the spirit of St Paul’s words, ‘we don’t want you to have troubles while others are comforted’ (2 Cor 8,13) if you feel you can afford to support our parish there are a couple of ways without breaching the current restrictions:

  1. If you pass by the church while walking or doing essential shopping you can put your donation through the parish house letterbox in a sealed envelope with a wee note inside; I will make a phone call to confirm the receipt. If you have Gift Aid envelopes, you can use them for your donation as usual.
  2. If you prefer to make a direct bank transfer to the parish account or setting up Standing Order, please contact me (Fr Tad) to arrange a video chat so we can verify each other (I don’t want to give away our parish account to potential fraudsters).

Talking about fraudsters…

  1. Neither I nor anyone on my behalf will EVER call, text or email you asking for donations. Consider any such claim as fraudulent and do not respond to it.
  2. When you call the parish, you will NOT be asked for your bank account or debit or credit card details. You will receive a safe and secure internet link where you will be able to make a one-off donation safely and securely during the phone call you have made.
  3. If you have any doubts about the veracity, safety or security of the arrangement do not proceed. The security and safety of you and your finances is paramount.