In order to reopen our church we need volunteers to carry 3-pronged duties:

  1. Securing the safety of the building while opened.
  2. Assisting people arriving at the church to their seats.
  3. Cleaning the church after the closure (wiping the pews, door handles, etc.).

Who is eligible to become a volunteer with the Welcome Ministry?

Male and female parishioners who already volunteer with children,  young people or vulnerable adults and have previously completed all the stages of safe recruitment. Any other parishioner who is not already a volunteer and does not meet the exclusion criteria below.

Who is excluded from becoming a  volunteer with the Welcome Ministry?

Even considering excluding anyone from wanting to volunteer might seem a difficult concept. The reasons for the first two excluded groups are very obvious and are applied to all safeguarding roles consistently across Scotland. Some of the other excluded groups might be difficult to accept,  but this decision has been made following professional medical advice.  A safe approach must be consistently implemented.

  • Anyone who is Listed and Barred from any paid or voluntary role with children or adults.
  • Anyone who is a Registered Sex Offender
  • Anyone under the age of 18. 
  • Anyone who has underlying health conditions which require shielding. 
  • Anyone who has a long-term health condition which requires the annual flu vaccination.